“Much of the work of Juliet Araujo is motivated by personally dynamic and sometimes traumatic events and the resultant psychological states. Although she refers to autobiographical sources, her sculptures and paintings communicate universal concerns and emotions. She addresses identity, gender, childhood, sexuality, motherhood, and the continuing power of past and current experiences while drawing attention to the institutions of patriarchal concerns that warp the social context o marginalized peoples everywhere.

She has absorbed key ideas from avant-garde art movements,of the past notably feminist art, surrealism, primitivism, expressionism, and conceptualism, as well as from non-art sources such as psychoanalysis, spirituality and feminism.  In the early and mid-1990s, she worked with ready made objects pulled from her vast collections of memorable objects.  Bits of visual culture such as vintage advertisements and common household object frosted with paint, giving form to the history of women’s domestic work and often alludes to sexuality, fertility, and oppression.

This is powerful gutsy work that invites private encounters that engender responses on both visceral and imaginary levels.  For Ms. Araujo, the work, in some way, takes the form of a strategy for survival.”


                                                                                                                                                                from an interview with the artist, (2011).

Appalachain Trail Mapping Experiment detail, (2011).